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Get to Know the Organizing Team


Miranda Rumi

Chief Organizer

A native of Bali, Indonesia, Miranda has had the privilege of studying, living and working in multiple countries. This experience and being multi-lingual, gives her the ease of communicating and relating with people of various backgrounds and ethnicities. Currently she works as a life coach focusing on deep emotional healing and a trainer for interpersonal communication & public speaking. She was introduced to NVC in 2014 by Dorset Campbell-Ross, and over the years fell in love more and more with NVC, which she uses in her coaching and trainings. She hopes to spread and bring awareness on the use and benefits of NVC practice to the rest of Indonesia.
Miranda has been the chief organizer of Bali IIT since 2017.

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Maudodi (Mau)

Organizing Team

Coming on board the organzing team for the third year in a row, Maudodi, who prefers to be called Mau, is absorbing NVC more and more, though truth be said, through his own soul searching, he's been living the principles of NVC since long before he's heard of NVC.
A loving and warm leader as well as a highly effective organizer, Mau brings compassion and care into everything he does.

With a background in Computer Science, Mau has worked as a barista, restaurant & villa manager, spa therapist, a Toastmaster which he gives credit to for his personal development over the past 7 years.

His heartfelt contribution to the past two Bali IIT's was greatly responsible for the two very successful IIT organizing.


Sri Ram Timilsina

Organizing Team

Hailing from Pokhara, Nepal, Sri Ram is no stranger to the Bali IIT's. After joining as a participant in Bali's inaugural IIT, he came the second year as the third member of the organizing team.

With an impressive personal achievements in relation to passionately spreading the teaching of NVC to schools and government agencies in his home country, Sri Ram is unstoppable in his stride, with a plan to hold Nepal's first IIT in September 2020.

His NVC achievements notwithstanding, his organizing ability is outstanding; highly efficient, fast, no-nonsense, on point and at the same time with a lot of heart; all the reasons he was inducted into the organizing team and coming back for the second year in a row.