The Amazing Trainers


Sura Hart

Seattle, USA
Sura specializes in NVC & education, and NVC & parenting. Sura co-authored the following: The Compassionate Classroom, The No-Fault Classroom and Respectful Parents, Respectful Kids. Sura also specializes in healing from social disease, eldering, prayer, depression

Sura is passionate about exploring what it means to be human in times of trouble. How do we choose to parent? How are schools contributing to children’s thriving? What is the role of an elder in these times? How do we want to live and learn together?

Sura was a publisher of spiritual books when she began her most intensive exploration of giving and learning by parenting two daughters. She became interested in schooling, its purpose, and how it could contribute to children thriving. She taught in public and private schools in the 1980s and 1990s, which is when she met Marshall Rosenberg and began having deep conversations with Marshall about Nonviolent Communication and schooling. She served as director of NVC in Education for CNVC from 2000-2002.

Sura continues to support teachers who share her vision for a peaceful, sustainable world and who are intent on putting relationships at the core of classroom life. She co-authored three books with Victoria Kindle Hodson: Respectful Parents, Respectful Kids, The Compassionate Classroom, and The No-Fault Classroom. Sura and Victoria also co-created The No-Fault Zone® Game for people ages 5 to 95 to support connected conversation, problem solving, and conflict navigation. Today Sura works primarily in school communities around the world—with administrators, teachers, parents, and youth.

Sura lives near the beach in Seattle, where she enjoys spending time with her grown daughters and seven-year-old grandson, who reminds her of the boundless curiosity, joyful giving, and eagerness to learn at the heart of the human spirit.


Dorset Campbell-Ross

Byron Bay, Australia
Dorset is a CNVC assessor in training, and specializes in past trauma healing, anger, shame and grief. Dorset has deep love for and has been coming to Bali yearly since 1970. He speaks street Indonesian and Balinese

Dorset is passionate about music, healing, and creating peace in the world by spreading NVC. With a deep love for adventure, Dorset set off at 18 to explore the world within and without. He longed to know what we all have in common, and how to heal conflict and separation. He loved the magical power of music to create connection. For 15 years he played music professionally, and is now a choirmaster and composer in his hometown of Byron Bay, Australia. His self-healing journey led him to become a Counsellor in 1993, specialising in Codependency, and for 7 years he conducted Relationships workshops at the Findhorn Foundation (Scotland) and the Chrysalis Centre (Ireland). Dorset's commitment to work for peace was stimulated by the pain he witnessed and felt as volunteer crisis manager at Sanglah (Denpasar) hospital, following the Bali bomb in 2002. He became a CNVC trainer in 2004, and since 2013 has trained at IITs in Africa, Korea, and Europe, where he was delighted to offer his combination of music and NVC. He has also mediated family, corporate and refugee conflicts, and is now training to become a CNVC assessor. Dorset fell in love with Indonesia in 1970, and has taught NVC there for the last 12 years. It was Dorset’s long awaited dream to instigate and train at the first Bali IIT in 2017. After completing Indonesia’s second IIT in May 2018 now he’s looking forward to the third Bali IIT in May 2019. Website: nvcworks His NVC music videos: See Me Beautiful, Do You Dream the Same Dreams That I Dream?, Given To and How Cool Is That?

mukti (1)

Mukti Jarvis

Sydney, Australia
Mukti specializes in intimate relationships and is a full time therapist and based in Sydney. She is also a professional mediator for formal and informal settings. She also specializes in interrupting disconnection and limiting personal habits, restoring trust and relationship bonds, recognition of one’s natural self

Mukti has a keen focus on relationships with 15+ years of professional experience and education in love, connection, couples and family relationships. She discovered NVC in 2000 and became accredited with CNVC in 2006.

With a passion for the depth and intimacy that NVC can fuel, along with her local CNVC peers she was a co-founder of Embodying NVC. A central aspect in Mukti’s sharing of NVC is also the deep spirituality and interconnectedness of life.

She loves working with two or more people as a mediator ie. a couple, family or team relationship situation all of which have an extra dynamics. Mukti is an NVC based professional mediator.

It became clear that NVC is the language of connection, however sometimes learning this on it’s own or resolving an issue through NVC, is not enough to deeply transform the foundations of a relationship. For that reason Mukti went exploring and became an Emotionally Focused Couple Therapist (EFCT). EFCT highlights the unconscious habits we all can get into as ways of meeting needs. Bundled together these can form a ‘disconnection cycle’. EFCT and Mukti’s own inner work, uniquely shape how she shares NVC.

Mukti also delivers NVC via an Online Learning Portal for NVC. This enables many people to access NVC for relationships in an easily digestible, empathic way via technology. Live Group Coaching via online services is also available.

You can find Mukti at her local beach and hill-walking in the early morning, having a cup of tea with a friend there, or enjoying an electricity free evening .. just candles! These are ways she relaxes and puts down technology.

Mukti will bring a unique powerful contribution to the IIT regarding the spirituality of NVC and love and connection in our intimate relationships.


Carl Plesner

Copenhagen, Denmark
Carl is specialized in processes of reconciliation after violent conflict. He is also an experienced crisis negotiator de-escalating setting emotions of despair, aggression and violence. He has been doing this work for nine years with victims and perpetrators of violence, in schools, families and in the last 5 years in war torn Ukraine.

Carl curiously explores and practices ways of peaceful conflict resolution. This journey has lasted 10 years, and has brought Carl to many different conflicts in various roles, always seeking a deeper understanding of violence and what it takes to end and/or prevent it.

He worked as a part time restorative justice facilitator for Danish police, facilitating reconciliation processes for victims and offenders. In parallel he worked with school classes suffering from bullying and general tension between teachers, parents and students.

In 2014 he participated in the revolution for dignity in Ukraine. He joined the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe ( in Ukraine as a Dialogue Facilitation Officer working to reduce tensions in a country at war. Today Carl is lead trainer in the Peace Engineers School ( in Ukraine, where he lives and works together with his wife. The school carefully selects, and intensively trains Ukrainians for 1-year, full time, to become specialists in peaceful conflict resolution.

Carl is a certified trainer in NVC since 2012, and also a certified Crisis and Hostage Negotiator since 2018. Carl has experience in peaceful conflict intervention in cases of domestic violence, gang violence, violence committed by the mentally ill, police violence, and insurgency. His mission is to enable his two daughters at 9 and 11 years old to grow up in a world less violent than the one he grew up in. He lives in Denmark with his daughters for 10 days of every month.

Esher2018- pic

Barbra Esher

Baltimore, USA
Barbra speaks Indonesian and is passionate about spreading NVC throughout Indonesia. She is also embodies NVC as a spiritual practice, specializing in navigating difficult areas such as addiction and death.

It’s easy to be present when life is pleasant and can be tough when times are challenging.

I dream of a world in which we all have the capacity to stay connected with ourselves and each other in challenging times. I specialize in untangling knots of pain, discovering the beauty locked inside, and facilitating a free flow of life energy and interconnection. Racism, addiction, and death have been my greatest teachers and often favorite topics for seminars.

Early in my son’s 10-year journey with addiction, we were introduced to Nonviolent Communication (NVC). This supported transforming our relationship from shame and blame to love and acceptance. My capacity for saying “yes!” to life, exactly as it is, has been deeply cultivated by a Nonviolent Communication and life-long mindfulness practice.

My relationship with Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh has animated my work promoting peace, reconciliation, and social justice. I have pursued my aspirations with zeal, accumulating more than 1000 hours of training all over the world in multiple modalities, including 25 years’ experience in the healing arts of acupuncture, shiatsu and East Asian medicine.

I look forward to connecting with you.